'Cookie shop on wheels' visits Good Day Atlanta

Contrary to what you've heard — especially from a certain anchor who never shares his burgers with anyone — Good Day's Paul Milliken is a guy that likes to bring delicious treats for my Good Day Atlanta family.  But it's a little hard to please everyone since we all like different sweets.  So, when he decided to start this week off by bringing cookies for the whole gang, it seemed a lot easier to just have the whole cookie shop come to us — and thankfully, we found one in Atlanta that comes on its own set of wheels!

Not As Famous Cookie Co. bills itself as a "gourmet cookie shop on wheels" and is the creation of Ashley Carlton, who says the love of a good cookie truly runs in his blood. 

Experience Next-Level Desserts at Not As Famous Cookie in Atlanta

Cookie monsters, it’s totally okay to lose your composure when coming across the Not As Famous food truck, who is responsible for rolling out the best cookie creations in the city of Atlanta. What makes these indulgent treats so good? Real butter, real ingredients, and a solid traditional recipe. Not stopping at their baked goodies, they’ve also become famous, no pun intended, for over-the-top ice cream drenched creations that take grandma’s homemade cookies to some serious next level eats.


On a warm southern summer afternoon friends gathered together at the gorgeous estate The Venue at Murphy Lane to honor the future Mr. & Mrs. upcoming nuptials.  The ladies enjoyed a traditional tea and luncheon at the main house with scrumptious finger foods and of course a beautiful cake.  While the gentlemen enjoyed a more laid back celebration of cigars, brandy and cookies at the cabin down by the lake.  Later that evening everyone came together under a charming white gazebo for champagne and toasts to celebrate great friends, good food and new beginnings for the happy couple.

How Not As Famous Cookie Company Stands Out in the Atlanta Catering Scene

Everyone loves cookies, especially when they’re made from a top-secret, cherished family recipe. That’s what motivates the family business at Not As Famous Cookie Company, a mobile bakery based in Marietta, Georgia. Named “one of the city’s coolest food trucks” by Atlanta Magazine, Not As Famous Cookie uses only the finest ingredients like real butter, fine chocolate, and premium nuts in surprising flavor combinations like Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake and Red Velvet White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.

Meet Ashley Carlton of Not As Famous Cookie Company in Marietta

Thanks for sharing your story with us Ashley. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.

Not As Famous Cookie Company was founded with the mission of supplying delectable gourmet products. Our freshly baked products are made with only the finest of ingredients: real butter, fine chocolates, select nuts, etc! We invite you to taste our various offerings. The experience should be tremendously satisfying to the pallet and the soul such that the customer feels the habitual desire to return.

The idea of a cookie company was thought of years ago (actually soon after I was born) by my father. He created this same recipe when he lived out in LA with dreams of having a bakery and everyone getting the chance to taste this amazing cookie. Recently, as of 3 years, that dream has become a reality.

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All those delicious burgers, tacos and sandwiches are just calling for a sweet dessert and Not As Famous Cookie Co is here to satisfy all those sweet teeth/tooths/tooth (you get the point). Classic flavors range from chocolate chip to oatmeal but it’s the truck’s signature flavors that really make these desserts stand out: peanut butter chocolate chip with pretzel, cranberry oatmeal with pecans, macadamia nut with cranberry … and don’t get us started on the cookie cakes and bars!

Not As Famous Cookie Company: A Father’s Dream, A Son’s Business


Not As Famous Cookie Company is a business that was built for the sweets lover made with a family recipe that was passed down from a passionate father to a business savvy son.

I had my first bite of Not As Famous Cookie Company‘s chocolate chip pretzels, and I couldn’t put the cookies down! Its’ Oatmeal Cranberry cookies were my second favorite –This was a hard decision when I had to choose between the classic Chocolate Chip cookies and Mississippi Mud Cookie Bars.

I caught up with Ashley, the owner of the fabulous company, and here are a few things you should know.